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Breven Cavaliers

" The Cavalier is a Magical Breed, yet to be Surpassed" 

Breven  Adults are registered with the AKC         " American Kennel Club "

My passion for the cavalier King Charles Spaniel started many years ago when walking home from school. For a period in time school was located at the Roodee, on the local Horse Racing Track, in Chester, England. To get to my classroom I had to go through a turnstile. I often walked the 1 1/2 miles home (usually because I had spent my bus fare on sweets). Part of my walk home was along the old Roman walls that encased the City of Chester and a short cut through the Cathederal Gardens. On one of these days I met a Nun walking the most beautiful tri Cavalier I had ever seen. With my thirst to get more information about this magical little tri, a question and answer session kept the Nun tied up for about an hour. With thoughts of this magical cavalier going through my head the rest of the walk home went by very quickly. The Magic of Cavalier is still with me today


You will find Breven Cavaliers located in the Village of North Syracuse, in the heart of Central NY. Visitors are welcome. Our cavaliers are family members and are always under foot. 

Find us at 101 Post Lamp Circle, North Syracuse, NY 13212 - Home # 315-458-7551 -  

Cell # 315-380-1807   email:



A member of the

American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Spaniel Club 

Witney - Brycelinn's I Can't Believe She's Not Butter